Todays progress on "Supermarket Dominium"

Todays progress on "Supermarket Dominium" is coming along fine. I am over 3/ 4 s done of the main body. I had to stop, as the mind was making more mistakes than helping. By next week sometime, it will be complete.

I must say that it maybe better than both Part 1 and Part 2. It will surely live up to the others standards. I am surprised at the level of humor I placed in this volume.

And it maybe the largest volume of the 3 books. Part 1 was 200 pages. Part 2 is 230 pages. Part 3 could be 240 to 250 pages.

It is just now to figure out whether to go with an E Book, and to what format. Or go with both a Paperback, if I can get a good price on editing locally.

Have to go, work calls. till next time..


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