Third draft nearly done.

The third draft is nearly done,  as I have only to sift through 25 pages of material.

It is tough when going through it again. I added more depth, but the most important element being clarity to the writings. It will be a much more, pronounced, better flow than ever before.

This book should reach 260 pages, in approximate length if things go correctly. The book cover is complete as noted below. The other half instructed me on making the cover darker with the color schemes, and to fill in the title with certain colors such as green. Green did not fit the direction of the book. It needed excitement.

The height to where the action takes place, tells of the urgency of the situation. The world is located down below, adds to what is at stake. It is a great book cover, and it is drawn out by hand. Although I do not have the steadiest hand for cartooning, it turned out with much imagination and direction as to what is happening in the book.

I hope to be done the 3rd draft this week, but with my busy schedule, it may not be attainable. I need to go back and correct much of the text, as I placed in some added humor and elements of suspense.

This is why I sometimes fret at reading through it again and again. It leaves me no choice but to change direction, or to add allot of elements to recharge the book to a higher voltage of humor.

Till next time..


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