"Supermarket Dominium" printed off

I printed off Part 3 of my series. It will be near a 260 page satire book! Same format as the first two.

My book cover has changed in my mind already. I was hoping to make it funny, as to entail elements of its inner pages into the cover. I realized that Part 1 was good, but it did not really contain anything humorous on its cover. Part 2 was humorous a bit, but hardly. Just two clowns battling it out on the front page, in the Supermarket aisles with two long french bread sticks as swords in their hands, was the main focus on the page. The seriousness of the lightening and the evil protruding eyes on the cover, probably led it to be more of a drama than a comedy style of book.

I will try a few different things on the front. Perhaps a spy sort of atmosphere. Perhaps a scene from the book, or maybe many scenes tossed onto the books cover.

A person who called me today offered to do the editing service for less money than my current publisher. He said he was going to give me a deal, and that he would like to have a "Credit" at the front of the book for his services which include grammar, spelling, and just to check for flow.

I am all for giving credit to the editor, in order to give him some possible future business from other authors. If the book succeeds or fails, it sometimes is not the fault of the editor. It has everything to do, I believe with the ideas and thoughts, genre or style, of the author. The editor has to do a truly terrible job at what he does to make a book fail. Just the fact that the author does 3 or more drafts of his material, spell checks it several times, before handing it over to an editor says allot in itself just about the quality of any book.

If the publisher can put his logo on my book, should the editor have a credit as well?  That is the thought of the day..

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