Progress on "The Supermarket Guy III: Supermarket Dominium"

I did a bit more editing today, on my second draft of "Supermarket Dominium"  I corrected many mistakes, and added more crazy humor.

Some links that did not quite link up, have been fixed. There is nothing more frustrating than putting out a book that all of the main characters end up in one point, and you do not know why or what reason they all met up there for.

My third reading will focus on this a little more. I think I did iron allot of it out.

Now, soon I will have to send for editing, flow, grammar. I really want it to be done locally, this time. I think it will cost less, but the editing will be great as well.

Well, time to go, and to continue proof reading. Nearly over 2/3 rds done..

Till next time...


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