Procrastinating again!

Nothing done again today! For Supermarket Dominium, perhaps the greatest long awaited humor novel of all time! I know you cannot hold your anticipation for long! Demand it in the streets. Protest!

Take off your tires from your vehicles and throw them in a pile on the road. Cover them with gas and burn, chant the Supermarket Guy slogan, and warm marshmellows and feed your friends! No, don't do that. Use the tires for a sauna. Fill em with water, in the 30 C heat of the burning sun and just sit your butt in there and drink beer!

Put all your empty beer cans into a pyramid on your front lawn. Drink all night if you must, to get it higher than your house! Place a big sign on the front lawn "Inside is the tomb of Supermarket Dominium, soon to be resurrected for all to see!" No, forget it. Take the beer cans down to buy another few cases of beer!

Keep protesting. Never give up hope, that "Supermarket Dominium" will never be published in this Universe!  Protest! Tie up your mattress to the back of your car! Get your wife to drive as fast as she can! And, get on top of that mattress and get yourself on U tube, singing "Supermarket Dominium, your my number one cinnamon!" In your favorite underwear. No, don't do that! Remember your wife may not be able to stop correctly at a stop sign with you being hauled around on a rope!

Forget it. I cannot think of any safe way to protest. Just watch the tube and drink a beer in the safety of your couches.  Till next time...


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