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North Korea and the rhetoric.

Been watching the news as of late, as we see tensions rise to a high alert status in the Korean Peninsula. South Korea is a moderate economic powerhouse, and a war would bring in serious effects on stock markets throughout the world. North Korea does trade with China, but the Chinese maybe willing to cut the trade in order to maintain stability next to its very doorstep. I did not know this, but North Korea does trade a very small amount with South Korea. Interestingly enough, this trade link is still open. Despite the cutting of the phone line between the two nations, it seemed as if over the years things would have no other direction but to get better. Old, hard line regimes are exposed to fade with time. Democracy and liberty is exposed to be a no brainer to the rest of those countries that are behind in the times. Eventually, logic dictates that they will eventually catch up to the rest of the world.

The effects on the United States- Another war, is not in the best interests of the United States. Their tremendous debts already incurred in fighting in the middle east, the trillions spent there over the 10 or more years, would definitely cripple its economy. I would not think the USA could handle any more theaters of war. Their is no more money in the piggy bank. I do not see the USA placing troops in this theater. But, watch for creating an air superiority and bombs falling nonstop from the sky.

I say this, but there would be a boom in manufacturing of weapons. If a war would occur, I expect the USA and South Korea would win in a very short matter of time. Perhaps months. But, heavy bombing would have to continue. And continue, for months on end. Maybe even nuclear war, if the North would unleash a nuke.

A nuke would not be in the best interests of North Korea to launch. I do think that the USA would just love to have an excuse to vaporize this dictatorship. It would be a sad, tragic event, for the already suffering people of North Korea.

Any way anyone looks at it, it is always a lose lose situation for North Korea.

And the people of North Korea has always suffered. Having to worship a leader that lives off of the toil, starvation, fear, of their very own people. And this new round of rhetoric, and eventual possible action, may cause even more suffering. Just because of some loose dictator.

Maybe it will not get that far. Lets hope for peace first, and total freedom for the persecuted people of North Korea.


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