No time to go over "Supermarket Dominium" today!

Once again, my real life job is taking a front seat to my reviewing of my work. I would have actually liked to finish "Supermarket Dominium" this week, in order to get a head start on the editing process to come.  Things did not work out, quite the way I wanted.

There are allot of artists that hold down two jobs. Especially when your first job takes away 33 % of your time in the week. Then, family stuff probably takes another 33 % of my day time. Then there is time for fixing your secondary stuff (vehicles, house, paying bills) another 3 % maybe?  So subtract all of that from your daylight time.  It leaves a person with only nearly 30 % of daylight or non sleeping time to do your hobbies, entertainment, and in my case book creativity.

And you the reader, I know you are just or maybe nearly as busy as I am. No doubt.

Why is it that the modern times have made us more busy? Or was it much the same in the olden days? No, it had to be more busy in the olden times. Gardens, horses, more labor tasks. What am I talking about?

Time for me to get an assistant! You probably need one too! There is a website now that offers such a service in certain cities. It is called TaskRabbit. I am sure you heard of the site. Get someone else to do your shopping! Get someone else to take your laundry to the dry cleaners! Sky is the limit. Only problem, we do not got this Task Rabbit around here. Guess I am out of luck, again.

Here is the website, for those who live in the concrete jungles of the world! If there is not one in your area, maybe you can start it up!  Till next time...


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