Next step is the Third Draft of "Supermarket Dominium"

The next step is completing the third draft of "The Supermarket Guy III: Supermarket Dominium"

This process will be fairly fast. I will read it through once more, and make minor changes to flow, or the story line. Take out the elements which seems cheesy, or awkward.

Things, hopefully, that the reader may find monotonous or that which does not continue to spark the flair of the story.

Nothing is perfect, and of course there are some borderline cheesy or maybe a few scenes that don't make scientific sense, but it makes the story flow. I try my best to avoid those situations, but it has to achieve the desired effect at the end to truly stand up to itself. They may be left in there for certain flow or a desire to show an element to the characters traits or inner self.

Yes, a good third reading. A small fine tuning. An extremely fast spell check.

Then, off to an editor... A local one, or one from a self publishing company? Then, reproofs to check out. This should be done fairly fast.

Then, to either go just in a direct E book or go with a Paperback as well... The costs are higher with the latter..

Decisions, decisions...

If you enjoyed Part 1 and Part 2,   Part 3 will be in the same true form.

Till next time...


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