Newborn baby and sleepless nights.

A newborn baby brings allot of joy into your home! Also, allot of sleepless nights! I have lost allot of sleep over the last few weeks. And have been doing extra chores to help the other half get things done...

My mother told me of a story where they used to use 60 ml of carnation milk and warm water in a bottle to feed children way back in the 60s. I thanked her for the story, as I thought that I could possibly use it in an emergency situation. Lets say a few moms make a run at Similack at the stores, or Nestle stuff. There are allot of different brands of formulas out there. My wife decided on the natural option of feeding.

Thereby, this in itself takes more time. Yet, the hospital says it is better for their immune systems when the get older. Even though it may take a few years off of my life at the end of mine. I am just kidding, of course.

This is the main reason why I could not get my book out earlier than what I should have. Sleepless nights and more chores to do around the house. Now I have to split the wood for the stove. Egad! And take out the ashes. Yuck!

"Supermarket Dominium" is nearly done. Why does the spell check come on for that "Dominium" word anyways? Is it Latin in true nature?

I thought about the cover in many different ways in the past little while. I could cross the limits, and produce something quite edgy. But, rather, it can be funny while remaining within the edges.

Have to go,  and thanks to Germany for the 20 views tonight!  Till next time!


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