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Life is a continual taxation train

Just thinking about taxes and life. You pay taxes on your income in most countries. We pay property, and sales tax. How about inheritance taxes? In the USA, I believe taxes are paid on lottery winnings as well.

The money train is an expensive voyage. You take it all your life. We are on the road, and it is a road filled with tolls. We pay it all our life.

I was thinking about this the other day. As a baby, right up till our early teens, our parents pay our taxes for us so that the system can function for us. The only thing we may pay out of our pockets, is a sales tax here and there in our years before driving. Then comes the user fees to enjoy the things we love the most. User fees to get into parks or in some instances to use sports facilities.

Then the things like liquor, that brought in 180 million in taxes to the New Brunswick government last year. Cigarette tax, which I actually do agree with, to help pay for services. Then, the dreaded gas and tax on utilities.

To lead into the most depressing part, or ending of my writing page here, we pay a tax for a burial plot and then thousands of dollars to get us into the ground. Wow, you say. What a sad blog.

Your right. It is because I was thinking on how allot of these taxes were exposed to be temporary measures to pay for WW 1 or WW 2.

I am all for the government paying down their debt, and lowering or reducing income tax, so people can spend more money or invest in business to get things moving even more. I remember Reaganomics. It can get better, but it has to take some ingenuity from government. I heard somewhere that Russia has a flat tax rate across the board. I like this. Income taxes should not be complicated for anyone to fill out. It is hard to believe we still, here in Canada, take a base amount and then calculate it all our deductions into a % Federal tax reductions and then subtract from the total tax we pay in throughout the year. Then do this double for your provincial tax credits.

Besides that, I have been dwelling on my books cover as of late. I was thinking of drawing a funny scene from the book, and put it right on the cover. I am very aware of how important this book cover is to the whole project. This time, it really has to work. I was surprised to see how my other two book covers did not do the trick.

As far as the reading of the third draft of Part 3, I am 3/4 s done. Just that I have very little time to get things done, as of late.  After this, I will check up with the editing arm to see if they want to do it for the spell checking, grammer, and to check for flow. Not to alter the flow in any way.


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