Feeling a little blue today.

Once again, I have this nagging cough, but this time add on a nasal congestion. I will go see the doctor, maybe today or tomorrow.

I sent off 4 books to the local bookstore, of Part 2. Having a hard time to do so, because I feel this process does not help me one bit. It is better for the people, to order them online. It shows up on the rankings better, and such. But, I did drop them off for those who are anxious to have a copy. I have 6 good copies left here at the house, and 20 of the original antiquarian copies (The ones with the mistakes in the title and on other pages).

Glad that Dog Ear corrected these errors, when I ordered the other 10 books. I did not want to receive any copies with any more errors in them, as I may have sent these ones back. I still believe they will be worth money in due time, and that collectors will ask for them in 10 or 20 years time? Maybe I am still a dreamer.

I have currently 263 people signed up for my giveaway. As the giveaway gets longer in time, and my books giveaway is shown as nearly ending, the numbers will spike up again. I remember at the last few days, I was getting 40 to 90 hits a day for to win the book. I will autograph these books as well, and I always send a few postcards with them in the mail ( showcasing my books cover).

Well, time to go see the doctor... I will be back later, till next time.


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