38 C on humidex in NB

She is some scrotching hot outside. Plus 38 C on humidex in Northern NB. Did I say Scrotching,  gesh. Ok, Scorching.

Well, it does certainly feel like Scrotching hot. It is hotter than scorching.. This is what happens when the heat, hits the brain.

Today at work, equipment was running hot. We could have had a trip, anywhere, anytime. The elements, especially the heat, are one of natures way of telling us that it can shut us down. Anytime.

On a good note, my goodreads giveaway update is at 180 contestants. This is super news, scorching news. I am happy that I did went a little worldwide this time... It definitely helps.. The numbers are way up for the giveaway.

Well, I have to go now, shower up. Work has made me, a sweaty mess. I do hope, it cools down tomorrow. Forest fires are a big problem up around this area. Do not get me wrong, I love the heat. Just, around 25 C...  Till next time..


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