Worked 7 days straight. Dog chases rabbits.

Have been working, 7 days straight. Not much time to read my book, or get anything done as of late. This blog too, has been put behind. The time is just not as what it was, but maybe tomorrow things will be a little more back to normal.

Lobster season starts Saturday here. The cold hands for them start. I know of one fisherman, whose hands are worn from over the years of fishing. The cold, icy, water is still cold here in the Bay of Chaleur.  There is no ice on its top, but it feels like it to the touch. Until the hot days of summer, where it can reach 21 C, it is probably around 3 C approx now.

My dog took after two rabbits the other day. I just took her out of the truck, and laid her down on the ground. She then darted like a sprinter, 150 feet towards two grazing rabbits. I took only notice of the rabbits, when the dog was midway to her objective. I called out to her name to her loudly, as to try to avert her from catching one. The rabbits were now running in the woods, at the edge of the neighbors yard. The dog took off after them.

I ran with haste, to find out the result of the race. It was a good thing there was no leaves on the trees, as it made finding my dog much easier. I could see her running back and forth in the woods, as I sneaked up behind her to grab her from another neighbors woodlot.

She had not caught her prey. I figured it that way. My dog is not a tactical huntress. A good chase, is all she could ever hope to give. I will maybe hire someone like Cesar Millan,  to train her to stay put when an animal is in the area. I was pondering, what if it was a porcupine, or a skunk?  She would have made it, to one of those. Usually she just listens, and sits in the yard while I am outside. She may give a 20 foot chase to a few small birds... From this day forth, I am afraid the leash must come on... A good leash with a 30 foot extension. Or an electronic gate.

As I look outside, soon my drive will be arriving to pick me up for work. There will be not much time to work on my Part 2, as it appears... Maybe, tomorrow... Till next time...


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