Rain is here from downgraded Hurricane Irene

The rain is here from downgraded Hurricane Irene.  It just started around 5 pm,  Atlantic time.  I come home from work to rush to tie some things down.  Tomorrow,  we will get the most of the storm,  and by 3 pm the center of the storm should be a 300 km north of us.  Gusts of 90 km per hour or more will join the storm for some shaky weather.

I think,  when it rains,  I get most of my work done here at the house.  When the sun is out,  we all have a hard time to sit in the house.  I will continue to color away at my cover page for Part 2 tonight.  It should be done by tomorrow,  as it appears I will be in all day tomorrow as well.

As far as the advertising for my book goes,  I will decide tomorrow if I will place an ad over a radio station in the United States.  Prices range from 250 to 1400 per package.  My friend has sent 500 spinning logos of my book throughout his advertising realm thus far.  I am not sure what effect it will have.  Have a great evening,  till next time...


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