Ordered a few books from my own Publisher today!

I ordered some books from my own publisher today.  The system is easy and very rapid,  as within 24 hours they were shipped and ready to be sent away.

As they being first editions,  I am hoping the value will go up.  I will hide them throughout the country side, as the Easter Bunny hides his famous clover.  Underneath the rocks,  the bushes,  and in the tall grass.  No, actually this is just to send to some local bookstores, for a test.

A test to see if I give some books on consignment to certain stores in strategic locations,  and if they can give me decent book space.  I need to know,  if and how fast they will sell.  I know it is a super product,  very entertaining and humorous.  Once I get it set up,  I will post on here how fast they sell...  I know they will sell like  a cold beer at a baseball stadium on a plus 40 C day...  Till then...


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