My book is ahead of Harry Putter and the Deathly Hairballs.

I was amazed to see this list on Amazon.  I did not know there were so many lists out there,  that a book could be placed under.  First,  I seen some classic fiction lists my book was a part of with another seller than amazon.  Then,  contemporary fiction humor list from amazon.  And finally, the humor collection list and general from Amazon.

Out of 17 humor books,  my book was ranked # 7.  It was actually ahead of,  "Harry Putter and the Deathly Hairballs.  I always dreamed my book would outsell Harry Potter...  Well, it is just that actually... A dream...

But, it is one notch higher on the list of one of the all time greats,  Harry Putter and the Deathly Hairballs...   I will make sure I do not run into any hairballs in the near future...  Deathly..


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