Billionaire Harold Wannapus and his Race to the White House....

Speaking at a rally in Los Angeles, California, Harold Wannapus took the stage where Steve McQueen flew his mustang over the famous car chase route and began speaking about the most important issues to the citizens there.

"Ladies and Gentleman, here I stand before you where the great Steve McQueen drove his mustang through the streets at an incredible speed. So fast, you could say not only did he defy the local bicycle police squad, but he also defied gravity. And that is what I intend to do here today. Defy gravity"

Everyone started to applaud "Yes, I am going to blast this ole fuel eating hill into the anals of darkened history! Dynamite, this entire street section, and then build caves just below all of these buildings, to create a flurry of investment, coffee shops, sweat wear, and many specialty toothpick stores will pop up. You just wait and see"

The crowd were now spellbound "Not only that, it will stop the police from continually harrassing people that have no brakes on their cars. No longer will those no brakers have to ram into other bumpers, causing insurance rates to go sky high. No more cars flying through the air and smashing into a second floor room where many of you probably were chugging illegal home brew beer and building a toe jam bonhomme de neige"

The people began to dissipate to their homes now "Wait, do not leave yet. I never told you my great plan for the Golden State Bridge! I will throw millions at it, to make it swivel on a pivot in the middle, so you can drive on it backwards and seem like you are really getting now where anytime soon! It can become a themepark for the nation!"


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