93 000 words and not done yet.

The Supermarket Guy 4, 93 000 words and continuing to grow.

93000 words, and not done yet. The Supermarket Guy 4, maybe completed this fall. If things go well. I ran into some difficulties this year, with time not being on my side at all. Finally getting it together though, as I decided to do a little bit every day, even if time only permits me a half hour a day. 

This is by far the longest novel, if I am lucky enough to see it produced, I have ever done. A humor novel, nonetheless. I thought for a long time, why waste my time doing a fruitless humor novel? No one is interested in humor any more. Well, for me personally this will end the series for a long, long time. Unless it goes well, then things could catch lightning elsewhere.

As you read the following comedy excerpts below, please understand that they are off the cuff, not edited very well, not intended to really be as forcefully humorous as in my books. But sometimes they do hit that certain string of oddity or comedy that we all need now and then to fill our souls with.

Hopefully can produce part 4.. Hoping... Till next time...


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