Harold Wannapus and his Fifth sense part 2

Harold was just going to let the rude guy at the end of the line up leave it as it was, but he continued to shoot some hurtful words back.

"Your accent tells me your not from around this area. You are probably from hick country somewhere from no wheres. Now order your friggin sandwich and stop holding us important people up!"

"Just a bloody minute, you urban antenna head!" He gave a wink to the lady at the counter "Get me a bag of chips, and individually microwave them at full heat for two minutes. Yeah, individually" The crowd began to moan "It really appeals to my fifth sense"

The burly man in the back picked up a paper, crumpled it up and hit Harold in the head.

He looked back "Some people say they have the ordinary 5 senses. You know. Taste, touch, smell, sight, and my favorite last one is feeling microwave or high frequency energy in my brain!"

The worker then went about to place each chip at a time in the microwave, as Harold vibrated each time the chip went on high heat.

"Hearing. Bloody hearing is your fifth sense, you idiot! Do you hear me now! Get out of the line before I give you a high frequency to the brain with my fist!" The bulky man now began to cut through the lines, and was headed directly for Harold now.

"No I do not hear you at all" as he began to vibrate his body again as the next potato chip was microwaved, but this time turning around to face his attacker.

He grabbed his 15 inch sogwich, and flung it over the head of his attacker while he passed his fist alongside a dodging Harold.  "Do you have that good vibration song here? Keep microwaving those chips, and put them in the bag, darling!"

Many chips were finished now, as he shoved them down the front of the mans pants from a plate he received from the lady. He screamed in intense pain, as he moved his feet up and down.

"Good vibrations, huh! That there is the energy of the microwave doing wonders on your lower antenna!"

The man just took off his sogwich from his head, as he now had to reach down to remove the scalding chips from his pants. The man began shaking in intense pain.

"Ok, now one last thing!" He grabbed two extra hot sauce squirt bottles and squeezed the nozzles up the mans two nostrils. His face turn red and he fainted to the floor. The crowd fell silent in awe of this master ninja.

Harold turned around "You know, after those good vibrations, I am more in the mood for some hamburgers now. Tootlie doo to you all!"

And thus, Harold Wannapus held up the drive thru at a hamburger joint somewhere in London...

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