Harold Wannapus and his 5 th sense for sandwiches.

Harold walked into the European big sandwich store. It was big. You could get any sandwich you wanted. Pork pulled rib, steak and cheese, and his favorite fries and gravy with an assortment of fruits and vegetables. Of course, with him being American, and with him being in a different country, he tried his best to convey what he wanted in this great country of England.

He walked up to the sandwich assemblers, with a big crowd behind him. He iterated politely what he wanted between his 15 inch sandwich buns.

"Ok, I want my fries on there microwaved hot. Put the cheese on cold as ice, as well as the gravy! The sandwich toasted? No, I rather it drenched in cold water, then served to me. Yeah, you do got cold water on tap here, do yeah? How in the heck to you wash your...."

The worker interrupted and sighed "Yes sir, we sure do got cold water on tap and I will drench your big 15 inch round sandwich with hot fries, cold curds and gravy sub in our super wash tub in the back! Any vegetables on this thing? Fruits?"

Harold nodded rapidly "You bet I do. Get me some onions on there, olives, seaweed or kelp as you call it in this fancy area, and a few apple slices and raisins to help the brain maintain cognitive function. And, of course the sauce... Open up a can of cream soda and drizzle the top with it!'

An onlooker on the back, who was full of muscle and little of patience, yelled at Mr. Wannapus "Hey, you complete waste of used toilet paper! Go back to the pig pen to where you belongs!"

Harold sighed back and looked at the worker and made sure he talked in a high enough voice so the 50 people in the back could hear him enough "Guess I know who I won't be sharing this delicious 15 inch sandwich with tonight. How about you, baby!"

TO be continued-   Remember to buy "The Supermarket Guy 1, 2 or 3" books. It helps me do work on here. It really does!


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