Billionaire Harold Wannapus continues his Presidential campaign for glory!

Taking out two hand puppets of a chicken and a fox, he began to dish out the goods on the economy and taxation. At a town hall somewhere in Florida, he took the podium with his two friends.

"Hi great citizens of the sunshine state. I would like to introduce you the average middle class tax paying laying hen, Bankrupto. And, the tax eating fox, Govern-o-gobbler.

"Now, Bankrupto was having a hard time laying eggs. You see, Govern-o-gobbler raised property taxes, income taxes so high, that the poor little hen could not afford any feed to make any eggs! She then scampered to find bugs hiding under small pepples, and gave up her wireless wi fi automatic water filling machine to make things easier for her family.  Then, came Harold Wannapus to the rescue! First think Bankrupto asked, was how can you make me rich again. Govern-o-gobbler is taking everything away from us! Please save us, Wannapus sir!"

He began to motion his hands back and forth with the puppets, in a nearly fight like manner!

"No fighting, please! As President, I will have none of that! Elect me, and I will control Govern-o-gobbler, that witty little fox, from taking all of your chicken feed from you! I will bring the fox hunt back to the United States, cause I love the sound of the horns and all that stuff... Besides I look good in tight white pants with lots of starch in em"

He started to make the puppet of the fox run away and then threw him into the woods, just nearby. He began motioning the hen as if she was really talking "Thank you, Mr. Wannapus for bringing the fox hunt back, even though it will cost you millions in votes from those tree hugging people just down the lane... You are a real President!"

Then he kissed the hen on the head "Yes, I sure put the run on old Govern-o-gobbler. Now you can go back to eating your cheap chicken feed mixed with horse manure... Good times are back! See, how easy it is people! Elect me, and watch things just get better!"


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