Wrecking Ball New Years Eve Party!

Hockla was having her usual home wrecking, home smashing New Years Eve party. Of course, your typical high society mobsters, elite bank explosive experts, and government tax people were there too.

Hockla started to walk down the stairway in her much revealing evening gown. Then she hopped on the railing, and slid all the way down into the ballroom area. Just at the end of the railway, Mocha Moolah, the Detroit Gangster was waiting to catch her in his arms. "My, Hockla, you look deliciously ravenous tonight! How about a dance, just before the ball drops!"

Rickito, the tax man, abruptly bumped into Mocha, and screamed "Hockla, dear, you said you would save the last dance for your real man, right here. Remember the fantasy I gave you last night... I was your teddy and you were my off shore tax stuffed toy manufacturing haven in Bangladesh".

Hockla pushed Mocha away and got a little distance from all of the adoring criminal elements "I have some distressing news. I am bankrupt again! I do not know how to raise some money, fast! My husband is coming back from his oil fields in Anwr, Alaska, and wants to know why I spend a few million dollars on cars, diamonds and high stakes marble games like ringer. Well, I sure was taken to the ringer on one of those games. I had to pay with my body, in order to avoid paying the bill!"

Mocha put his hands on her shoulders as her back was now turned to him "I do not want to mess with anyone that messes with the environment. Scary husband you got there! I left you some of my life insurance, Hockla, in case I do die, but I never intend to die before you, darling" Hockla smiled "You are so sweet, Mocha. I love you!"  The tax man shoved Mochas hands off of her, yet again "Listen. I will raise taxes on his income, and just give a refund to you for all the gambling losses you had during the year"

She sobbed "It will never be enough! I burned down our house 3 times now, and I think the insurance would catch on to that one... Darn all the luck!"  she began to sob in her soft, pink, delightful toilet paper now.

Mocha then had a spectacular idea "Yes, you burned it 3 times.. But, what if we use, a wrecking ball?"

The tax man, now jealous of this idea, realized it was a good one "A wrecking ball. Who in their right mind would use a wrecking ball to make money? Usually we destroy stuff with it!"

Mocha's face was now in front of the tax man "Listen to me, mister. We smash the house, splinter it with a wrecking ball.  Then we claim insurance losses on it, while you give her a tax break! We will say a tornado came through here, just on New Years Eve!"

Hockla was elated with joy "What a wonderful idea, Mocha!". She kissed him on the cheek. He got out his cell phone, and called for the equipment to be delivered from his fake construction company he was using to hide his drug dealings.

The wrecking ball machine sot next to the house now. All that had to be done, was to hook up the wrecking ball. Mochas men had all drank too much at the bar, and they all fell asleep in the house. It was only the tax man, Hockla, and Mocha next to the machine.

Mocha warned the tax man "Do not try anything funny. I got a gun just inside my jacket pocket, here tax man!"  The tax man coughed "Your wrecking ball is not hooked up properly to the machine. You better check that huge shackle out, before you start smashing".

Mocha spraddled his legs apart around the wrecking ball. The tax man now seeing an open opportunity, with the gangsters back turned towards him, sprayed some super glue all around the back of his legs. Mocha noticed his pant leg get wet, as his vest was ripped off of his back by Hockla.

"My gun! Give me my gun, Hockla, it is in my vest!". It was too late. The tax man ripped all of Mochas clothes off. He was naked on the wrecking ball.

Hockla laughed "You really thought I loved you, for your brazen guns. I loved the tax man all along, for his tax shelters in the Caymen Islands. How can you win without him, my love?".

Mocha yelled "My men will be out really soon! Get me off of this wrecking ball!"

The tax man then went in the house, dragged out a passed out, drunken henchmen of his. He shoved him in the cab of the wrecking ball. "I got my stool pigeon, Mocha. You are going to have a fun ride, on this wrecking ball"

The wrecking ball was passed through the house, as the house splintered into a million pieces. Back and forth, back and forth, until nothing was left.

Of course, it was a brilliant New Years Eve spectacle, with Hockla laughing as Mochas two legs ripped off and flew into the woods on the last swing. The tax man then let the wrecking ball fall into the septic system. A huge sploosh could be heard, and an awful smell rose from the tank.

The tax man ran up to Hockla like John Wayne in a spaghetti western. "Now, lets go claim the money for his life insurance, and you seen that tornado that swept your house away! The insurance man will be here shortly, I am sure"

Hockla smiled and kissed that tax man at midnight "All of our dreams have come true. Happy New Year!"


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