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The old geezer that lived up Christmas street.

The old geezer was coming home from his normal day walk every morning he had taken in the cold snow. The kids who played along the streets ran up to him, and began to grab for his hands. "Beat it, kids. Scram, I got no time for yeahs all!".  The kids would back off, and a few would pelt some snow balls at him. Some of them hit him in the back. He then would bend over and start making them himself, yelling "Take this, and that. You ignorant little brats".  There was one little boy, who would not throw the snow balls at the old geezer. He yelled for them to stop, as they were losing the snowball battle against the old man.

The old geezer was rich, from the money he made in selling his specially crafted ear wax art. Some statues of his ear wax monuments, sat in specially sealed glass encasement areas, for life. He was currently working on his Santa Clause ear wax statue, which would resemble the real deal in every way. In opening the door, he could see his ear wax statue nearly coming into form. Of course, he did not have enough ear wax in his ears to make all of this gigantic figurine. Many people would mail him their ear wax balls, since many were fans of his work, the wide world over.  He loved it when the Q tip would remain in the ball of wax he would be sent, as he would reuse them for his own ears.

He had huge freezers, in that which to place his wax statues in after they were done. There, they would become hard rock solid, and less prone to crack or melt away in any old hot room where there was just a little heat. He continued to work on his sculpture, onward through the night, into the wee hours. A snowball then hit the window, "You darn kids! I will fix your Christmas".

The morning came, and instead of going for a walk, he drove straight to the local grocery store. There, he backed up his 57 Chevrolet truck, and filled it with all of the turkeys in the land. "There, those little kids will not have any turkey to eat this Christmas!" He began to laugh in hysterics, as he squealed his tires leaving the beautiful Bargain Way supermarket. 

He drove by the kids on the road, who began pelting snowballs at his truck. All except Dennie, who did not like pestering the old man "Stop Rogepet, you will only make him mad at us. It is Christmas Eve, afterall".  Rogepet watched the truck storm bye, as the old man stuck out his tongue at them all through the truck window "What is he doing with all of those turkeys in the back of his truck? Does he have a turkey pie factory at his house down there".  

For his house was huge, like an old gated prison castle. The gates opened, but snowballs still could be thrown over the fence to hit is iron gated windows. The old man drove past his gates, and backed up the truck towards the ear wax studio. There, he placed all of the turkeys in cold storage, and placed the lock on the door. He laughed, "That will fix those kids. I guess they will be eating salted cod for their Christmas dinner!".

Dennie went home to see his parents. His mom was frantic "No turkeys left at the stores! I guess we will be having sardines and gravy for a Christmas dinner, Dennie".  Dennie yelled, "No!".  Rogepet went home, and his mother cried "No turkeys at the local supermarket, Roge. Looks like we will be having pigs feet and cranberry sauce for our Christmas dinner!".  Rogepet ran outside to the road as well as the other kids. They all frowned, as one kid even said they would be having "Macaroni and tuna, for their Christmas dinner tomorrow".  Then Dennie recalled that the old man had a pile of turkeys in the back of his Chevy truck.  "Rogepet, I know what happened. We were so mean to that old Geezer, that he bought up all the Christmas turkeys so we would be without one this Holiday! We were so stupid!".  Rogepet cried, "Let us go up to see the old man. I will certainly put a torch to that old Geezers home.. Maybe even blow up his old Chevy truck. That son of a".  Dennie cut him off before he could swear, on such a beautiful Christmas Eve night.. "No guys, that is not the answer".  But he could not stop Rogepet and his gang of misfits... They ran up to the old mans gate, as it was closed, and there was no way in.

Rogepet and his gang tore off a gate. He then guided one of his misfits to strike a match, and they threw the thing down his gas tank. The truck blew up a few feet from the ground, and it was in flames.  The old geezer ran out of wax for the head of his Santa Clause, and ran out in a mad rage..

All of the kids stood silent, as tears from the old mans eyes streamed down his face. "You kids just destroyed my Dads truck. The only thing I had, linking him to me, now he is gone... And the worst part about it, is that I do not have enough wax to finish the head of the Santa Clause for Tomorrows Christmas mass at the church. I am ruined!"

Dennie smiled at the old geezer, "Old Geezer", he took off his mitts and placed one in the right ear, and hauled out a nice ball of wax "Us kids, we got lots of earwax in our ears. We never want to listen to our parents, but I think it is time we started, after blowing up your truck!"  The old man walked up to Dennie, as the others had a look of fear in their eyes. Unsure if he was going to boot Dennie across the road, or hug him, in finality he opened up his hands to receive the precious ball of wax from Dennie. "Quick, kids. Give me all of the wax in your ears! I can finish the Santa Clause before tomorrows celebration, after all! And tomorrow, tell all your parents, friends, and neighbors to come up to my house to celebrate! Turkey and all the fixings, tomorrow at my place! We will share in this joyous occasion tomorrow!"  

The twenty kids then began to dig deep in their ears. Through a Christmas Miracle, they obtained much more wax than the old Geezer needed to finish his wax statue... During the evening supper that the Geezer had prepared, he had a few words to say during that tremendous feast. The tables were lined up row on row, a few hundred feet or more, in the old Geezers stone palace. Dennie and his parents sat near the old Geezer, a the head of the table. "Dennie, if it were not for you boys blowing up my old truck, I would have never bought the new model Silverado 2014! I now have blue teeth in it! And, a special statue here for Dennie. I think I pulled out the most wax out of his head... I began to think his brains were made out of wax! He was the one who made peace between me and the kids on this here street! And I did finish that Santa Clause for the Christmas day party"  He gave Dennie a small ear wax statue of a manger.  "Wow", as Dennie reached for the manger "I can even see the wise men in there. And this turkey sure beats sardines and gravy, any day of the week! Merry Christmas to you all. Especially to you, you old crazy Geezer!". 


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