The CSI New Years stew!

It was 4 pm New Years Eve afternoon. Ropitie and Scando was thinking of the old New Years Eve celebrations of past, and remember the wonderful turkey, chicken, or sea urchin stews they used to have just before the ball dropped.

Ropities wife, Randipi, forgot to buy a chicken to put in their New Years Eve Chicken stew this year. This caused Ropitie to whine and complain for hours on end, until his son, Scando thought of a plan to be put in place to save his family from not having their traditional New Years Eve meal.

"The neighbors hens lay eggs ever morning. I hear that friggin rooster yelling her mating call every morning, reminding me of how unlucky I am on those internet dating sites.. I say we catch that Rooster, and put her in the pot. Fill it up with tasty vegetables and kelp. A tasty, salty, stew for our family for this huge celebration we will be having tonight".

Ropitie yelled "They will never miss that old Rooster! Those old hens need a break from his grovelling, day in and day out! I will go get my scarecrow outfit on, while you get your hunting mask on. No one will ever know the better!"

Ropitie got on his scarecrow outfit, and crawled through the darkness, over the hills and valleys until he got to the fence. Scando, who followed behind in his hunting appariel hit his head on the fence post. The whole fence moved. "Ouch", he whispered. Ropitie placed his hands between the fence rails to get up "Keep quiet, you two bit twit of a son! You are trying to get us shot today, just over a little ole Rooster".

Scando who was now mad, jumped on the top fence rail, but Ropities hands were still in the middle of the rails. He yelled out a mournful, powerful, howl. "Hey, get your rear end off of that top rail!".  Scando leapt towards the pecking rooster, who bit him on the right thumb. They all had lovely bracelets on their left legs.

Scando just jumped over the fence again to join his Dad, when their neighbor slammed the door open in the cool night air. They both could see the shotguns shiny barrel, gleaming in the moonlit sky.

Ropitie yelled in a raspy, disguised voice "Run, run for your lives". A few shots blistered out of the old shot gun, but the two got away safely as they ran towards the dense forest, and then made it to their home.

The stew was now a brewing, with the Rooster inside of it. Ropitie smiled proudly, as all the neighbors sat around their kitchen table for the big New Years Eve feed party!  His neighbor added "We lost our family rooster tonight, Ropitie. Some vagabonds came around and stole our family prized possession and pet. It was my only alarm clock. Now, I will never be able to get up in time to watch Animal Planet, and go to work at the pig slaughter house on time. Ever again.." A lasting sigh exited his mouth, as his wife comforted him by patting him on his back.

Ropitie got up, and toasted the family "Oh, do not fret, neighbor! I am sure your Rooster will return home to you someday, someday soon! Now, here is to a Merry New Year with plenty of beer!"

Ropities wife then poured a bowl in front of his neighbors wife, which had a chicken leg standing out of the broth with a bracelet that looked mightily familiar! The same bracelet they used to number their chicken.

His neighbors wife yelled in dismay "Klappaut, our family Rooster. The big Kahouna, how could you!"  She sobbed. Her husband overturned the table.  "Ok, lets get it on!"

Ropitie looked and pointed at his son "Scando,  how could you!".  Scando bit into a chicken breast from the broth, as he was not listening to all of the action. He appeared puzzled at all of the action "This fresh chicken is delicious!"


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