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Super Flake, the Christmas Super hero!

Oh, there was allot of problems this Christmas Eve!  Santas Sleigh had a busted ski, and one of his reindeers was constipated badly. Not only that, a poor man at the corner of the street had no where to sleep this holiday, and Jopplero the 5 year old had no snow for Christmas in Brazil!

No worry, Super Flake, the holiday super hero, was out flying around in each and every direction.

First, he flew close to Santas Sleigh. He was flying his sleigh over the world, just about getting ready to deliver the gifts to all the boys and girls.  "Santa", he yelled, "Do not fret, your new ski will be just as good as new as soon as I fix it!" Santa yelled back, while flying through an electrical storm "Super Flake, how are you going to fix my broken ski at this altitude? Did you bring with yourself some sort of magical tool of sorts?" Super Flake soared under the broken ski, "This is not fixable, Santa. But I truly know what to do" He ripped of the one ski, then ripped off the good one. Santa Clause threw a package at him in disgust "How will I land now, Super Flake. You just ripped off my other ski, you moron!".  Super Flake then flew up to the reindeer that was constipated "Santa, the bottom of the sleigh is smooth enough to get you through the night. Trust me, I studied my engineering degree from a 1690 Newtons book that was left in my Dads attic. It is just as good as the modern stuff, trust me. Now, your reindeer has a blockage. Let me put my hand up his..."

Santa Clause yelled "Do not do that. He will kick you clear across the sky, Super Flake".  Super Flake then pushed his fingers to his lips. "I know, I got a bottle of prune juice in my cape. Just let me get it out. I will give them a good swing of this.  Dancer, is it"  Dancer opened his mouth, as he took down the whole bottle of prune juice "A bit too much, there Dancer", as Super Flake frowned. "Time to go Santa, before it gets smelly up here" Suddenly, a huge bowel movement occurred, which flew towards Santa at tremendous speed.

Super Flake then flew down to the poor man who had no place to sleep. The poor man said, "Super Flake, so glad to see you. It is cold outside, and I got no where to sleep! Can you find me a spot, near a good, warm sewerage gutter?"  Super Flake laughed "I can find you a much better place". He picked the poor man up, and then flung him gently down near a huge chimney. The side of the chimney was nice and warm, on the huge, castle like building "Wow, it is some nice and cozy near this chimney", he yelled, as Super Flake flew away "Another job well done, bye poor man!".  The poor man yelled, "Wait, this roof is some dangerously steep. How will I ever get off of it. It is slippery, full of snow. How am I exposed to sleep up here?"  He shifted his feet, and he slid down to the edge of the castle. He held on to the gutter, for dear life "Help, help, somebody please!"

Then Super Flake went to the little boys house in the hot country of Brazil. "No snow, eh little boy. I will fix that right away!"  He got out a tree shredder, and pushed several trees through it. He got out some paint, and some glue to mix in the mixture. He then covered the whole block in tree bits, covered with white paint. With the glue on it, it clung to everything. The little boy was amazed at Super Flakes ingenuity. "Wow, Dad, we will be having a white Christmas afterall!"  Dad went out to his mercedes, and found that the wood chips and glued covered his cat, his wife, and  car entirely, and he could not open the doors. "Super Flake, you are truly the worst superhero ever!"

 They were some glad when Christmas past, and Super Flake went on vacation.


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