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Rankio has no Christmas card to give me?

It was just a few days before Christmas. It was the last day before the kids went off home to be with their parents for the Holiday Season. Militie the most beautiful grade 4 student in the whole class, was receiving all of her Christmas cards from the kids. She was the most popular kid, after all, and the line lasted for a few hundred feet. Even some grade 5 students, and a few grade 6, waited anxiously in line to give her their card that would garner the best, and win the Christmas kiss on the Cheek event!

Rankio stood up in the far end of the line. He was always last at everything he done. No matter what task he tried to accomplish, it was as if he had a dark cloud over him. Last at floor hockey, math, and even at eating his lunch with his apple sandwiches... Packott looked at Rankio "Here is my Card, Rankio. What do you think?"

Packots card had beautiful white, glistening sparkles, a few snow fences, and of course a Santa Clause leading his sleigh with reindeer jumping over a beautiful full moon.

Rankio searched deep into his pockets. Dug down a little deeper. He wiggled back and forth. He was flushed in the face, and then lying while being deeply embarrassed "It must have flew away in the wind, while I was walking to school today" Packott laughed, as all the other kids in the back of the line pushed him "The odd ball out, once again! Waiting in line for nothing? What were you going to give her, your apple sandwich?".

Rankio ran into his empty classroom. He fell sullen into his desk. He then seen a blank piece of paper just underneath his two hands. From there, he folded it into. He then took his bottle of glue, from under his desk. He ran into the mens washroom. He wrapped some soft toilet paper around the card, carefully gluing it round and round. He then ran into the supply teachers staff room. There, old Mr. Gluttop was sleeping at his desk. There lay a pair of scissors in front of him. The professor was sleeping, so Rankio cut out a good few clippings of his pure, white, beard. It left an empty upside down V in the middle of his beard. He then ran out holding the scissors close at hand, heading towards his classroom again.

Along the way, he seen Mrs. Peeple in the hallway with her long, flowing dress that approached her ankles. He got around to the back of her, and cut a huge swath out of the back of her dress. Unknowingly to her, it seemed a little drafty near her rear upper legs.

He then ran into his classroom, with all of the incredible fabrics and textures he had amassed from his journey. He cut out a Santa Clause outfit out of the skirt, and placed it on the card. He used the Professors beard for the Santa beard. He drew the eyes and nose, and for the hands, belt, and anything that was black he cut out of his friends shoes that lay next to his desk. "Real leather, he thought. Wow!". Then, the reindeer was brown. He looked over at the teachers fresh coffee packet. It usually was good for one pour to get his teacher through the day. He cut it open. Much coffee sprinkles lay all over the teachers desk. He dabbed the glue in the form of a reindeer, and sprinkled the brown stuff over the glued down spots. What appeared to him was the perfect, reindeer. And he then placed some black eyes by cutting off of Packotts earphones for his I Pod. He never listened in class anyways, and this would only help his grades out, he thought...

Then, a few stickers from out of his spelling pad. A few stars, a few beautiful metallic colored ones. The brightest of blues, topaz, emerald, yellows and amethyst. They truly looked like jewels in the sky. With Santa Clause driving his reindeer to the North Pole, as he placed little Jolitias candy cane stuck on the right side of the card, and marked with a small sign attached to the cane -North Pole.

He ran towards the end of the crowd, that had Packott now there. He had held his hands clasped together, just hoping for that kiss on the cheek. "Nice card, Packott. Did you buy it from a bubble gum machine. Not bad! Next!"  Packott ran towards his desk in distraught. He really believed he had the best card. A few other boys came next, then it was nearly Rankios turn.

Down the hallway the Professor came screaming! "My beard! Rankio!".  Then the Mrs. Peeple came raging down the hallway "Rankio! You bad little kid! You made me a hole to go to the washroom out of the backside of my evening gown!"  Then a little kid came marching out with cuts out of his shoes "Rankio, I am going to lay the boots to you!"  Even his teacher came out "My coffee is gone for the day! How am I going to be awake in class this afternoon!" Even Packott, came out in a made rage "My I Pod earphones! I am going to plug you into a 120 v electric outlet, Rankio!".

Milletie did not know, or understood what all the fuss was about. This day was about her, not about those imbecilic words roaring down the hallway. She picked up Rankios card. It was soft to the touch! It was the very same toilet paper she used to do her number two. She placed her hands over the beautiful textures of red cloth, real beard, and leather. She was overwhelmed with joy. So much so, she kissed Rankio on the cheek. The others who were just about to reach and throttle Rankio, stopped right in their tracks in amazement.

"That was the best Christmas card, i had ever seen. Those eyes of the Reindeer, they just pop out of the card and make me think he is really looking at me. I love you, Rankio"  She kissed him again on the right cheek. Then the left. Then the right. She would not stop. He was becoming quite embarrassed with her euphoria, as she held on so tight to his shirt, that as he left it caused it to rip in half.

 "Help, help.. Ok Millitie, that is enough already" He ran all the way home, and the rest of the anger of the party finally subsided. He finally won at something, and this Christmas was a very Merry one indeed, for Rankio...

Till next time..


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