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New Years Eve with Glantion and Gang!

Oh, they were having a frolic of a time with Glantion and the gang!  It was an hour before New Years, and in many places balloons and confetti would stream from the ceilings of the mass halls throughout the land... Only in Cucumberville, would a huge stream of luke warm bacon fat pour from out of a huge balloon, to be busted just a few seconds before midnight.. With the precise shot from an archers bow.. That precious midnight fantasy of kissing someone, while drenched in bacon fat, was still a thing of virginity for some...

Dlunkin looked at Pootie. Pootie was over to the side, drinking her usual chocolate milk and vodka concoction. A marsh mellow floated on top. Her straw would sometimes hit the marsh mellow, but she would not notice... She was so drunk, that she sucked on the dry, bitter fluid stopping fluff for most of the night. Dlunkin wanted to kiss Pootie at the moment the bacon fat drenched her tight, fitting shirt!

Jorobomo was Dlunkin's rival. He loved Pootie, so much that he made a statue out of toothpicks out of her.. He carved the toothpicks from his mothers rustic vintage oak table, that was past down from a few thousand years of generations.. It sent his mother to the hospital, but Pootie sure looked beautiful in oak, with a light covered stain.

The band began playing, that special kind of song they always play a few minutes before the ball... Or in this case, the delicious bacon fat dropped from the special balloon... Alvin and the Chipmunks "Auld Lang Syne" song began to play. People began lining up their sweethearts, for that special holiday kiss.

Then, as Dlunkin nearly took Pooties precious little hands, Jorobomo cut in in a wild rush. Jorobomo took her hands, and kissed them ever so softly. It looked as if poor Dlunkin was going to have to kiss his old basset hound again this year, for his special New Years kiss to come true.

Then he looked up and seen a 5 ton overhead crane up above. He ran to the side of the room for the controls. He pressed down for the hook to come close to Jorobomo. In the blink of an eye, he had Jorobomo's hood hooked up to the cranes hook. He put the crane on super speed, up!

Up up and away, old Jorobomo flew up and hit the humongous luke warm bacon fat filled balloon. It burst just before the archers arrow could hit it... But Dlunkin rejoiced, as the arrow hit old Jorobomo in the left cheek of his Levis jeans. Jorobomo yelled "Happy New Year" with the pain of it all, sinking into his nerve legions...

Then Dlunkin flew over to Pootie, who he kissed ever so passionately, as the bacon grease covered their bodies in total beauty. Pootie looked at Dlunkin "Wow, that was some kiss. Do you think next year they can fill the other balloon with egg yokes?".  Dlunkin laughed "Egg yokes? What a stupid idea coming from a young woman. I say fill them up with cooked chicken gizzards!"

Pootie slammed her heal down hard on Dlunkin's foot, and kneed him in the crutch... And that was the end, of the New Years kiss..


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