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Lodgio has a bigger present than mine for Christmas!

It was the night before Christmas. Rufutio was dancing around the Christmas tree, shaking his big rectangular box, that was at least 4 by 5 by 6 in dimensions. Lodgio, Rufutios older brother laughed "Looks like you got a bigger present than I got, Rufutio. You may actually have won this year, in having the biggest present ever! I know mom and dad love me more, but you just never know how it may go this time around".  Rufutio gently placed his gift back under the Christmas tree "I am going to sleep right here next to it, Lodgio. You are not going to peek at my present, and secretly unwrap them, and place rocks in the boxes, like you did in years gone by!"

Lodgio stretched his arms, and shook his present before going to bed "I am going to place extra scotch tape around mine, so you will not fiddle with my presents from Mom and Dad!".  Lodgio began taping his presents round and round, until the wrappings began to take form of a translucent covering. Rufutio then placed his pillow next to his humongous present "You should tape your ears back, you sure do look like one of Santas Elves"

Lodgio then looked to put his little brothers head in a headlock, when his dad grabbed the 14 year old and lifted him off into his bed. His mom looked down at Rufutio.

"Rufutio, you know why we always got Lodgio the biggest present, every Christmas?".  Lodgio shrugged his shoulders "I am not sure why, mom. Why does he always get the best present. Am I from Mars?"  His mom laughed "No, you are not from Mars, son. You see, Lodgio gets the biggest present because when he was a baby, he would only crud in his pants once a week. Saving lots of work for Daddy and Mommy.. You on the other hand.."  Rufutio shrieked "So what does that have to do with anything? So what if I krut more than him? Geesh, what a family".  His mother hugged him "He saved us allot on diapers, and, with all that extra money we decided to buy him a bigger present every Christmas.. Well, except this one! Now go to bed, dear, we love you!".

Rufutio went to bed, as he was dreaming of a large chemical synthetic plastic facility gift for Christmas. Oh, what could that spectacular toy be? Maybe a pellet gun, so he could fire it at Lodgio all day long. Maybe a rocket set, where he could fit in Lodgios hamster and send him to the moon...

The morning came.. Rufutio woke up. He screamed at his family, who were all still happily snoring away. "Wake up, family! Wake up, Roppetileties! I am just about to open my large package"  The family gathered around the beautiful Christmas Oak tree. Rufutio ripped apart his gift "Wow, mom and dad, thanks! It is what I always dreamed of! It is a battery operated farm tractor... One I can fit in and drive around. This is super good!".

Lodgio looked at his smaller present. Somehow, he was feeling as if he had been beaten this Christmas. He began to tear the wrappings off. Inside, there was another wrapped box. Then inside, there was a smaller box.. Then finally, an envelope "Wow, a month vacation to go to the Indy Car training grounds, and to drive around the track with the world renowned champion Oxxie Finishiator. This is the best Christmas gift ever! It was in a small box, but yet it was huge! Thanks mom and dad"

Rufutio then climbed into his tractor. He started it up, and then began to chase Lodgio around the house "Keep running, Lodgio! I am going to run you over, you favorite of favorites!"


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