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Jocko may not make it home for Christmas...

It was the night before Christmas.. Little Klantus was playing with his electronic train set. The train whirred and whistled around the track, its lights gleaming and whistle tooting as it traveled around in a circular motion. Klantus looked up at his mom "Is Jocko coming home for Christmas, mom? I sure miss his messing with my toys. Smashing stuff, breaking my newly wrapped presents. I sure miss him!"  Mom laughed at Kantus, who was only 8 years old now, but was super smart "Oh, your older brothers train got snow stuck somewhere in the mountains. I am sure they will dig them out, and he will be here on time to break some more of your brand new Christmas toys. He is a somewhat of a meat head, but we love him anways!"

Dad laughed "I hope that old train does not make it out for a week. It will be sure quiet, with Jocko away for the holidays". Mom slapped her husbands arm, and smiled at his joking demeanor.

Meanwhile, on the train that was stuck between two mountain peaks, the people began to panic "Where are the rescuers? We need to get home for Christmas.. It is already 10 pm, and the train is half covered in snow" A woman shrieked "I do not want to spend Christmas with a bunch of weird looking strangers on this train! Lord help me!".  Jocko got up from his seat on the train "Lady, forget about you! What about us? Am I not more important than you? I am younger than you, after all, so I should be the first to be saved!"  The crowd began to jostle back and forth, as then the conductor of the train came to the front of the crowd.

"People. People! It is Christmas time.. We got lots of beer, candy, and razors on board to shave your beards, legs, or to make a few lines of coke if need be for the few of you people who are a little too edgy to be normal".  Jocko sat down and sighed "Well, if you got beer than I am fine, I will stay right here".  Then the baggage man came over, he displayed white hair, and a white beard, as pure as the wild driven snow. "Young man, why don't you come with me. I seen an electric snow shovel in the back of the baggage cars. We can take it and try to make a way through the Avalanche".  Jocko laughed, as the batteries went dead on the train. There was no lighting now, and the people began to whisper in panic. "How are you going to blow all that snow with a little shovel... Alright, I will go, as I have to have a good crud in the snow... The toilets do not flush in here anymore!"

Jocko was finishing having his poop, when he then went into a perfectly wrapped package, that had inside it an electric snow shovel. Jocko pondered at the old man "How did you know there was an electric shovel in there? Oh, I know, it was your present you were going to give for one of your relatives". The old man, with the big belly laughed out a jolly Ho, Ho, Ho. "Yes, you could say that if you really want to, Jocko. Now, open up that big present over there! There should be an electric generator in there... And grab that gas jug, now!" Jocko anxiously ripped apart the other present. It was heavy, and inside of it, was an electric generator "No, it cannot be" then he looked at the other name tag. "It says from Poto, and the other from Kipi. You cannot be the two people at once.. How did you know..."  The old man then helped Jocko lift the generator and bring it to the front of the train. They connected the electric snow shovel to the generator, as it gave out an awesome whir.

"This snow shovel was made at the North Pole, Jocko! This thing is faster than anything you ever seen! Its smooth flowing design can move tonnes of snow per minute".  Jocko could not believe his eyes. The mountain of snow was clearing before the train in a matter of minutes. Within a half hour, the snow had been cleared, just enough for the train to pass through. "Ho Ho Ho, now I must go, Jocko. You wish your family a very Merry Christmas, and tell them not to burn plastic in their chimney this year! Ho Ho HO!"

Jocko gasped. He would be home for Christmas, and so would everyone aboard the mighty passenger train express.  Through the mountains, and down the snow filled valley, they all arrived at the station.

From there, Jocko knocked at his families door at midnight. He could hear a jingle on the rooftop. Dad opened the door "Good grief... I mean, wow, Jocko.. You arrived.. What are you going to smash on us this holiday weekend?".  He hugged his dad, as his mom came over to hug him at the door. "I seen Santa Clause, and he helped us dig out of the 50 tonne snow avalanche we just had over the mountains. A true Christmas gift, so I could make it home to be with my little brother, Klantus!".  Klantus came over, and came down hard on Jockos foot with his heal. "Ouch", came from Jockos mouth who was still hugging his parents at the doorway entrance. "I got you last, Jocko".  Jocko could see Santa Clause under the tree within seconds, and within another he was gone just before he could say "Look, Santa Clause" All of his family had their backs towards him at the door.

His younger brother rolled his hand towards his ear "Crazy Jocko.. Santa Clause, there is no such thing.." Jocko smiled at his younger brother "Well, I did not get you any presents this year, so how do you explain that snow shovel there under the tree?"


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