"The Supermarket Guy 3: Supermarket Dominium" books press release out today... Or tomorrow!

Here is the press release.. I personally find it to be a super job..

Headline: New Fiction by Daren Doucet Features Latest Antics of Supermarket Mogul
Summary: Author Daren Doucet’s new book released by Dog Ear Publishing explores the megalomaniacal antics of Edmund, the adopted son of Jon Acadou, the former nemesis of hero Harold Wannapus. Edmund’s mind-control efforts create chaos across the earth as Harold races against time to restore peace.
(release date) INDIANAPOLIS – Harold Wannapus, hero and supermarket chain mogul, is enjoying the peace and quiet that followed the incarceration of Jon Acadou, villain extraordinaire. Unfortunately for Harold, Acadou and his adopted son, Edmund, aren’t content to let things stand. As this new book reveals, Acadou experiences a strange religious conversion in the lock-up and decides he must escape and regain his rightful place at the helm of the Edmundo Market, Harold’s biggest competition. Acadou is shocked, however, to find that Edmund isn’t simply warming his father’s seat; he’s got an agenda of his own, and Acadou has no place within it. 
Harold remains confident he can defeat Edmund as easily as he once defeated Acadou, but Edmund’s mind-controlling concoction turns all of Harold’s friends and colleagues against him while forcing them to mindlessly follow all of Edmund’s dictates.  Can the former enemies declare a truce long enough to prevent Edmund from overtaking the world? Will the unlikely team manage to stop Edmund and his minions before the unthinkable happens? “The Supermarket Guy III” is fast-paced and funny, and the quips fly just as quickly as the punches. 

This is the third novel for author Daren Doucet, who ably creates a universe filled with twists and turns that will keep readers on the edge of their seats. 

Wow, what a press release! Thanks to the staff at Dog Ear!


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