Recieved my new books today from Part 3.

The book cover for Part 3 looks really great. I mean, I have truly outdone myself this time. Even the wife says it is a cut above the rest. I was really, truly impressed with the cover, and the color scheme and all. It is truly more attractive than the first two covers I had put out there on the first two books.

On the net, it does not do the book that much justice. But once in your hands, it definitely has something to be said about it. I would have to say, honestly, that my book cover for Part 3 is right up there with some of the greats too. I could not say that about Part 1 or Part 2, but this one.. Yep... Is a winner..

Need to read through it again, to see if any errors were present from the changing over to the print copy...  Till next time..


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