Part 3 new contest is on at Goodreads.

Another contest to try to get some more much needed reviews. During the absence of this contest, there was indeed no spark of energy being created to sustain the much needed views of my book. After the contest is over, I am aware that the buzz for this book could be very well over and done.

It is hard to sustain that somewhat of a showcase without spending real dollars in the advertising world. Something I was hesitant to always do. I thought the books would truly stand on their own two feet, and that the word from people reading it would spread from town to town.

I will wait for these reviews to come in for Part 3, before finally deciding the next route of voyage for the series and Part 3. Reviews will indeed indicate the popularity, and the necessity of finishing Part 4.

Here is the link to the Goodreads giveaway, as listed below..

I do not expect this contest to build that much attention as the first one. I already got many contestants from the first giveaway on this one, thus possibly reducing its efficiency.

Till next time...


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