Marketing Materials to arrive next week.

My newest line of marketing materials have been slated to arrive this coming week. The 10 or so posters, the 2000 business cards, and the 250 post cards will be here very soon!

This makes approximately 6000 business cards I have stored for the three books, the 750 post cards I have here at the house, and the 30 or so posters stocked up with that.

There is no doubt, the business cards are an easy giveaway. Just walking around, wherever things are taking place, you can hand off a card just in introducing yourself to new people you meet at fairs or what not. The postcards, not quite sure what to do with them. It is much better for the fans to have them, as a collectors item, or to send to a friend somewhere else in the world.  The posters, well once again, a fan item or a collectors item. I hung a few at the local bookshops a long while back, they are now not visible. In the garbage... The posters are just a passing thing, and are better off in the hands of fans or collectors.

I will be having a new contest on Goodreads this upcoming Monday, so get on there for a chance to win. This contest is pretty much international again.

Remember, that Part 3 is readily available at Walmart, at the link below:

Well, what to do with all of those post cards... Business cards.. A mailing campaign is too expensive, right?

Till next time..


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