Frost covers the land.

This morning we got up to a beautiful sunrise. Frost covered the land. My dog had to go out for a number 2. That ruins the nice two sentences of intro.

Beautiful, calm, sunny morning with the glistening of the shadows of winter soon very fast approaching. Like the hands from the Arctic, reaching further and further down into the North American Continent.

It is never bad when it is cold. Only when the wind blows, then you really feel it. This first week of October is exposed to be a fairly warm and pleasant one. But I never trust the long range weather forecast. Do you?

Talked to another gentlemen at work the other day, about my book. He then referred to an Alan Jackson interview on how he compared my humbleness when talking about writing my books. He thought that was a big accomplishment, and that not many people could do such a thing. I replied that if you sat down and wrote a page a day, you could do it to. He laughed and said he could not attempt it. I reinforced my views for a second time. Getting back to the Alan Jackson topic that he had informed me on, he said that the country singer admitted that getting somewhere is a tough path. This country star admitted that there were better singers than him currently out there in the land, just that they were not discovered yet. Or not as lucky to get through the avenues or channels to reach a national audience. I thought it was a great thing for this star, to focus on those who were struggling in different trades to get noticed. Good stuff, Allan!

While all this made me feel good, in the end I thought about the many people who never make it in their career of choice, due to family problems, health reasons, or mainly the money problems. It also made me feel sad inside, thinking about lost trails.

Till next time...


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