Cleaned up my Fathers garden today.

I unloaded my 5 hp tiller from the truck today. I cleaned up the rest of the garden, so that only some small weeds remained. I set the depth to a near maximum, and let the tiller chug through the hard, packed soil. Behind my trail, was a soft, brown spongy remains of what was once a heavily trodden area. The tiller did a good job, as it sunk its tines deep into the soil. Next year, it will be easier to place the garden in place. This was on October 5 th, and I was wondering if I would have the time before it really got cold out there to break the ground up.

My fathers tiller could not do the job, as it was a 5 hp also, but the design led it not to till as deep or efficiently. It made for a harder time for myself, and many more passes with his machine. This machine I have, concentrates the tilling area from behind the motor, and works really well.

The bean pods were shelled for the beans inside. We opened up the pods, and dropped the hard beans into a pot. They will be cooked on a low heat for approximately 3 hrs, in order to become soft and delicious. Just salt and pepper added, with a bit of butter, and an onion. Never in my life, have I ever tasted anything so good. Well, maybe except for a fresh mess of river trout!

A pot of beans from the garden, is truly amazing. Its broth, its essence, when boiling from the pot is definitely a meal from above. Dad used to tell me how in the old days, they would put the pods through a machine that would peel the pods off, and just leave the beans come out into a bag. I believe he referred to this machine as a thrasher, but it probably was called a thresher when doing a search on the internet.

Besides that, no news on the books. The contest for Part 3 is soon coming to an end, and I will receive the free complimentary copies this week sometime. I will push a few more free contests, after this one is complete on Oct. 22/13.  I am really out of ideas on how to market my books..

Till next time...


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