Book taken out of production to be repaired for 4 errors.

Part 3: Supermarket Dominium was found to have 4 errors in it within the first 164 pages.

There was a few that was overlooked by the editing, and one overlooked by yours truly. I do not understand how after so many times after rereading it so often, that errors still persisted through the book. After these corrections are made, things should be nearly 99 % alright. Until other people read it and tell me about more errors, perhaps.

This is a frustrating process for me. Having the book released, and then pulled for a few errors. But, I would like the book to have the highest possible quality. It means allot to me. Now I have 15 copies of the book that have these 4 errors in them. If I do give them away, I must explain the reason why and to simply say I am sorry, and that they are perhaps antiquarian in nature. That these errors will be removed, never again to see the light of day.

When I read through it the last time during the third recheck, it appeared ok. My reading could be too fast. The spell check would have never caught a missing word, or an Apostrophe. I had to remove one word, insert 2 words into sentences, and then add an Apostrophe.

It will take another 2 weeks for the book to be sale ready now. I should get the corrected version back for a reread. More time on the back burner...

Till next time..


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