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A possible excerpt from "The Supermarket Guy 6: Corrosive World"

Harold got up out of his luxurious straw bed. He walked into the kitchen, where his lovely wife was eating a bowl of high fiber, vitamin choked, wheat loops. Belching out a mild burp, he then opened their highly advanced technological fridge. Lucie pouted as the LCD screen playing the goldfish channel was abruptly taken away from her for an instant... This was going to be another one of those shaky, love spat relationship mornings.

"Bacon and eggs, again dear?", as Lucie frowned at her husband. Ever since he left the Banana Bowl league, his appearance was stunning her. He no longer had that semi muscular, lean physique he once had just a few years before his retirement. He was now eating a smorgasbord in peppermint candies and heavy beer during the day, and this was starting to trouble his healthy organic wife.

Harold threw half of the pound of bacon in the pan, which began to sizzle. "Yep. Bacon again. It keeps me regular when on the toilet. And maybe 4 eggs to go with that. I decided to use the duck grease that magnificently rose up from the gravy when it cooled over night. One word for eggs fried in duck grease. Ecstasy!"

Lucie ran over towards the pan, and flung the entire contents on the wall. Her dining room wall now contained a slight Fresco. She screamed, "You might want to stop your heart from pumping and go through a triple bypass brain surgery, but I am not giving up on you yet, mister! I know you have become a fan of elastic waist bands and super stretch shirts, but I still believe you can be that scrawny, muscular toothpick of a man I once saved from starvation a few years back!".

Harold looked at the Fresco his wife had just created. "It looks like the Fresco of the Sistine Chapel at the Vatican. It truly looks delicious, darling".

- This was created just this morning, to show you an insight into Part 6 of, "The Supermarket Guy 6: Corrosive World".

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