Tonights debate with the Vice Presidents.

Tonights debate with the Vice Presidents should be a spectacular show. You got the highly successful, skilled, debater in Mr. Biden. Then you have the guy who can't possibly  make any errors, and makes his presidential candidate look great, Mr. Ryan.

It is quite something when the VP candidate is playing like a gold glover. Making no errors on the play, highly popular among voters, and looks like a guy who is ready for the front job. Is he smarter than Romney. I would think not, as Romney has more business and governing experience than the younger Ryan.

Biden may be able to flail some chinks into the do goodies two shoes armor. Biden, the democratic warhorse, is a tough contender. We know he knows every detail of the American political system, probably of every program in the government.

How does a guy like Ryan can win against a guy like Biden, who is a websters dictionary of knowledge?  He has to be general. General in comments, general in direction, general in plans. Do not get into too many details with Biden. That would be a great snare.

Be general. The people love, generalities. No complicated stuff, please, just show the people how you are going to reach your objectives. Keep your objectives obtainable. Do not get caught up, in Bidens numbers. He will throw, allot of numbers and facts at the VP wannabe.

I will be watching this debate tonight, to see how the young man does against his senior in the VP political arena.  I think this does have a little weight in the election results, but not that much.

If policies come out and the people do not like what they have to say, or if someone slips up, it could cause a small shift in the polls. Usually these guys are allowed to make mistakes. We remember several VPs who made serious mistakes, all the way around, but their running mate won the race easily. Therefore, I cannot say that this debate will have much effect on the real race.. Unless a mistake creates a chain reaction to the top.

Have a great day, till next time...


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