The Supermarket Guy 2 was a book ahead of its time.

All in the news, the XL food scare in Alberta, Canada, is just the start of people questioning where their food is coming from. The E coli scare, that caused the shutdown of the huge plant that supplied 1/3 rd of the Canadian meat supply. We seen the horrible pictures of the thousands of tons of meat being dumped to land sites in the local area.

"The Supermarket Guy 2" does have a part about receiving poor quality goods from certain areas of the world. Also, it has a part where the main character nearly, just nearly, buys meat with antiboitics and growth hormones induced. Luckily enough, something just happened that stopped him from putting his signature down on what could have been a terrible deal.

I think the future of food supply is in medium sized, and small size farms again. Huge supply chains, like the one at the XL plant in Alberta, is too huge of a risk should something go wrong with it. In this case, it was linked to poor quality control at its operations. An investigation will go further into the details, on where the real blame lies.

I think people will think more about organics. It does have a strong future. No pesticides. Natural, as the main character realized in added such a section into his main stores. We see this already happening in the major chains, especially in Europe.  We are always slower to follow, here in North America..

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