Support has left the building....

The book business only rewards the few. While there are many at the craft, only a handful survive. Some people who have money can continue to churn out the books, even without sales at the ready. Some people do break even, those who are lucky enough to keep the flow going.

I, ladies and gentlemen, have not even broke even.

Part 1 and Part 2 have bogged down in the mud. This does not bode well for the future of the series. This time, I truly cannot produce Part 3, or 4, and my book of Poems without sales figures backing things up. Just does not make sense, in digging a larger hole.

I still remember giving my business card to some young people around the area. They shrugged, and gave it back, without any thought whatsoever about reading. Even the people who have read it during contests, even the popular reviews, did not spur any new hype about the book. If a friend of a friend does not pick up what the other friend loves, then the chain is broken. The circle is broken. Never to get to the other end.

It appears it maybe R.I.P., for "The Supermarket Guy" and his foolish antics.

Looking dismally out towards my writing future, till next time..


Marc Ensign said…
What?!?! Don't give up! If you love what you do, keep doing it. Your audience will find you! I know it can be frustrating to put in all of that time, effort and money and not see the result right now. Keep dreaming big and going for it. Don't make a decision based on money or frustration!
oilers said…
In the back of my mind, you always wonder what you could have done to speed up the process of awareness. Awareness is everything, but to be aware requires a link somewhere from me to you. If the links do not appear, then the river does not flow to the ocean, or the masses.

Perhaps digital books is the next way to go, as you have alluded to in your conversation with me a little while ago.

I could have produced at least 4 books within 2 years, if the climate was right. But the climate was incredibly frigid for my writings. This has slowed down my writing to well below the freezing mark.

I will keep your comments close, and maybe look at different alternatives to the business. Part 1 was a missed opportunity. I did not have contests, or do much of what I had done with Part 2. The learning curve is hard, in the book business. Sometimes unforgiving. Everything is on the table, right now.. Thanks for your comments...

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