Should not wish your life by.

You got a job. It sucks. It is monotonous. You get into a routine. There is no room in the foreseeable future for expansion, and the tasks keep being added on to your duties. Mundane, dirty, tasks.

You wish time away. You say, boys, I cannot wait until I get to 55 so I can retire... But retiring these days, and in the future may take you to 65.  Or 67, as some governments raise their age limits for pensionable liability. How can governments forecast that far away, is unknown to me.

You then realize that when retirement comes, maybe you will be not in shape to enjoy those years. So what can you do?

Make the most of your time at your crappy job as you can. Smile, try to enjoy time, and take more vacation and relaxation moments in between your grinding job. Experience more, relax more in between, take up hobbies or something. Do not sit down and absorb all of the negativity that comes with your job getting worse and worse all the time!

This is somewhat the situation for many of us in the new job market. No new jobs, stagnant, sitting in a river with not much flow.

You need to keep positive. It may take a few years, but things will change. Life is too beautiful to leave it all rest on your crummy job! If you are reading this, and you got a great job, then now you can appreciate your clean, interesting, creative job more now!  For those of us who got sickening jobs, do not wish your life away. Life is beautiful, just take a look around us! It is too great a thing for that. The bad always passes, in due time...

As far as the book world is concerned, no changes on that front... No news.. Till next time..


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