Seize the day and expand your horizons.

The presidential debate is on again tonight. This race could be pretty much locked up. But, it is very close. The key is winning the swing states, with the most amount of electoral votes. A major gaff, a slip up, could spell a much different outcome down the stretch. I do not expect any gaffs, but only a fine tuning on the talk of foreign policy. Everyone thinks much differently, about foreign policy.

You should have your own foreign policy. Just on the local scene. Nothing destructive, of course. Just the idea of becoming foreign to your mold in life. Or your routine. Break your routine. You must be tired, as I am, of it by now.

Get out of your routine. Join a class. Any class. A music class, an art class, or get into volunteering. An exercise class. It may open your doors to new ideas and friendships that can last forever. Get a second job. That is harder than what it used to be, as the jobs are scarce all over most areas of the world.  Try getting an internet job, and work from home.

Better yet, get that idea for a business. Start up a food, a small entertainment, or service business. In this area a local entrepreneur has started a food business which probably employs around 50 people. He just expanded his operation lately. If you have something special to offer that the other cannot, then I suggest you go right in it and create your niche in the market. Make sure you have the knowledge, speak to others who have gone into this business of sorts and evaluate how you will do. Is their room enough for expansion? Are you offering a different, or similar product. A similar product maybe more difficult to sell, if you live in an area of economic slowdown. Think things over before jumping in, ask for advice of relatives and friends. A wealth of input is a great starting tool.

How about going into the stock market? Care has to be exercised there also, as not to put all your eggs in one basket. Maybe taking a trade, or a course, that can enable you in time to get certified and start up that business you always dreamed of.

Lately I have been thinking of all these things. The book business has not been that kind to me. I need to get more foreign, sometime soon.. New thinking, that is... Have a great day, till next time. Remember, you are the economy. All you have to do is keep moving!!


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