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Romney and Obama and made in China?

Last nights Presidential debate was more fire spirited. Lots of exchanges, and the contestants did not want to stop talking when time ran out.

One comment by Obama was about Romneys investments in China. This was before Romneys spiel about how manufacturing has shifted to the Red Empire. Romney admitted he would possibly place tariffs against the country, unless they did  not raise their exchange rate.

Romney come back in the end, defending his investments with China, asking where the current Presidents pension investments currently lie?  China?

A good comeback for Romney. The USA has a big decision here to make. It makes people wonder- If these two guys have investments in China, how will they be really truly willing to cope with this problem? Is the trillion or so dollars owed to them, is that a problem for the USA?

Obama did do allot of campaign promises that he set out to do in his four years. Romney is a successful business man, and Governor.

Who won the debate? I would say it was even, but Obama did defend himself very well. He communicated well to the audience about college student job problems, and so forth. Romney hit him hard with the China investment comment. I would say even, perhaps?

Can you blame the economy on Obama? After all, W Bush left him with an incredible situation to tame.

Romney wants to give tax breaks, business tax breaks, to invigorate the economy. He made a slight comment towards Reaganomics, back in the good old days.

Obama wants to perhaps raise taxes on the top percentile earners. Try to reduce the deficit. Romney says they already pay 60 % of the tax load.

As someone from a different country, I will stay out of this debate. If I lived in the USA, I know who I would vote for. I cannot wait for the outcome, and the poll numbers going in towards it. Two very good candidates, might I add...

No news on the book front, till next time..


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