Recieved a 2 on 5 star rating today!

I received a 2 on 5 star rating today, for Part 2 of The Supermarket Guy.

This lady gave her good points, and bad points about the book. The good point was that it seemed she found it humorous throughout. This was the main function of the book, and was very happy to see it at least, achieved that point. The plot was very action, fast paced. This was designed that way, and was very happy to see it worked. Then she liked the fact that I drew out the cover to the main book.

Things she did not like- no contractions. She noticed the "it is", "he did", "I do not" which made the dialogue seem stilted at times. Took her some while to pick up.

She could not get to know the characters enough. She knew they were zany, which was good on my end.

She found my book related to a script, more so than a novel.

How do I explain the bad parts. I did not notice the contraction parts. I will try to re correct in the future. My writing style is fast, thereby understanding how she may not be able to get to know the characters. The book more related to a script, I think so, because of the fast style of writing.

I am thankful for her review, even if it was below 3 stars. It provides helpful insight, (should reviews like this continue to come down the line), and if not, I will still take it into consideration for future writings.

I did make some effort into making Part 2 readable without reading Part 1. But maybe I did not go far enough. I could have been more descriptive in the characters coming from Part 1, in their ideas and focus. In writing Part 3 and Part 4, I will have to reanalyze this facet.

I knew I was always short on the writing side of being descriptive, eloquent, but on the story side this review verified that is is what I wanted it to be.

Have a great afternoon, till next time...


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