My Kingdom for a winter Boot!

Winter boots are hard to find. I live in Canada, and was looking for a good winter boot to wear that looked chic and could handle minus 20 plus conditions.

I do have some winter boots here. Reiker is one of pair of them. Nice looking boot, but I do find they are a little cool in minus 15 C conditions. I have Columbia boots which are great for the cold, cold weather, but they are mostly for going in the deep snow. They have a real high run to them, whereas the Reikers just cover my ankles. My dad wore these kind of boots of the years. The Columbia boots have a warm felt insert inside, and is good for snow showing and such. But they sure look ugly, but do the job!

They have Mukluk boots with a strip of fur around the ankles on the outside, look really cute, which are not for me. I can understand some people liking them, but they are just a little to high past the ankle for me.

I tried a new pair of Martina winter boots. I think that was the name. They were black leather waterproof, sleek and light, dual zippers on the sides for a fast slide on. It looked much like the Riekers I had here at the house. These were made in Canada. Only problem was the size was not there. I tried on a different size, but found on side was a little loose. I declined to by the .5 of an inch size larger.

I do have a pair of sneakers. I have wore them in minus 30 before... I always found them to be fairly warm, but they do not go above they ankles... In high school, we used to wear them to school anyways. At least, I did all the time.. And they are just as warm, I find, in minus 10 or 15 as any low cut winter boot..

I will continue the search, for a good winter boot. Till next time... No news on the book front..


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