Mark Chesnutt and Tracy Lawrence

Both of these great country stars were at the KC Irving center tonight. They put on a non stop, spectacular show. It is quite something how their voices are the same as from what you would here on CD, Radio, or vinyl.

It lasted from 8 pm to 10 pm, but they never stopped playing. Some hits that were played were of course "Brother Jukebox", "Birmingham", "Time Marches on", "Going to the Big D", and a few Keith Whitley songs.

Unfortunately, the turnout was lackluster.

I would estimate the number at 600 approximate people there, for a facility that can bring in 2000 to 2900 ( depending on stage arrangements. The tickets were 67 dollars on average, as some were saying could have been the cause for the small turnout.

I was thinking it could have been from another thing going on in an other spot in town. A hypnotist was in town the same night as well. It could have been due to concert overload. When too many concerts are booked for one year, people cannot go to every one of them. Could it be due to the areas economic downturn?  Even the local hockey team has a hard time to fill up to a thousand capacity now and then.

Maybe the advertising was not good enough for this event. Many questions to ask, but it was a great evening. Their voices, melody, were of extreme high quality.

No news on the book front, till next time..


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