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Kings Landing

Kings Landing Historical Settlement in New Brunswick is a great place to go back in time. We visited the site yesterday, and had a wonderful time. There was an old Print Shop in the late 1800s, that brought us back into a period where everything was done by manual hands. The sash mill was shown to us in great detail, you could see the old belts and pulleys several feet long, directing power to carve out the wood by the force of plainers and jointers.

Kings Landing is located in Prince William N.B., just 20 minutes north of the capital city Fredericton. We ate dinner at the Kings Head Inn, when I had finished I just realized I went to heaven and back. Delicious chicken pot pie with gravy, roasted potatoes, bean pods, amber ale beer, and a squash nutmeg pie with whipped cream on top. Brown bread... Goes along with the meal, thick, fresh, delicious. Enough said!

There were a great crew from England, Japan, and USA there walking through the magical site. There was something unique, or heartwarming about this site, that definitely will make me go back next summer. You just turn around a corner through the fall colors, or down a hill near the older trees, truly a place for photographic artists. Many pictures throughout the site, can be placed on the front cover of any top magazine in the world. And win awards!

The site will be closing in a few days, sadly enough. But, they currently have fall suppers, and will have Christmas suppers as well, at the Kings Head Inn. Check the times for availability. If I lived close, I would reserve a seat now, for that wonderful Christmas supper! What a spectacular time that would be! The link to the site is as below:

No news on the book front. It surely is not moving fast for my productions :(  Life goes on,  till next time :)


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