Help me break even, then I will Produce "SupermarketDominium"

If I could only break even. Then I would produce Part 3, of "Supermarket Dominium".  And if I could break even with that book, I could produce Part 4 (top secret title).

I know my friend asked me to try out kickstart.  Kickstart is there to help people fund meaningful projects.  People from all over the world give money to projects deemed to their style of liking.  I have a hard time in taking peoples money, where it could go to much better projects. What I mean, is not in creating a book, but in creating theatrical plays or other things of that nature. Student or small business start ups. I feel my books are plenty reason enough, and should be able to stand alone, to achieve the funding for my very own endeavors.

How can I break even. It is so simple. I just need approximately 900 sales. I subtracted a hundred in waiting, but did not even sell these books yet. These are books that are on a digital shelf at Goodreads. There, all intents and purposes are great, but they have 100s of books ahead of mine to buy, before buying yours truly. So, these sales may not come into realization until a few years from now. Or never.

I have 8 fans thus far. 3 of them told me of how they think I should continue writing. These three are fanatics, just like the Beetle fans of the 60s. Or the Beiber fans of the 10s. They will try their best to help me achieve my sales to produce a Part 3, 4, and whatever comes after that...

So, I continue to tweet a bit. Continue to blog a bit. Waiting for a break even scenario..

Till next time..


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