Book series could be worth 100 mil to 1 billion?

A guy I was talking to the other day, said the book series when completed (4 parts) could be worth between 100 million to 1 billion in box office receipts and what not".

I replied "Easier said than done. There are plenty of series that ignite the imagination and quell the soul for entertainment. Why choose my series?". That was my answer, but I do believe anything is possible.

If done right, with the right studio effects and such, I believe with the strongest convictions that my series can altogether break the 100 million dollar mark very easily. But, it takes a good producer, not just an average one. It takes a big studio, publicity, as my writings are funny.

I got the reviews to prove it. Even the bad review i did get the other day admitted it was indeed, funny throughout.

Maybe the world is not ready for such a series at this time. Maybe never. We will see as the time unfolds.. How the word can be spread... We do what we do, to try to entertain. Till next time..


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