Asked someone how she was doing reading my book from the USA.

Today I asked someone who was giving my Part 2 a read, how she was liking it so far. She is from the USA. Here are some of her words of encouragement:

"You are a mess. I am reading Part II right now. Thanks for all the laughs.

Did you say their is a Part III? I will check and buy it." - from a USA reader.

I am glad to see that she loved the book. And, is requesting to get into Part 3. It gives me a great boost of energy.

Working night shifts this past little while, I have been unable to continue to get any good progress on Part 4 done. This week, I have some time off, and will dedicate more time to it if things all goes well.

I want to wish my Canadian fans a great Thanksgiving, and remember that it is the sacred bird that is on the main characters coat of arms, displayed magnificently in his house..

Have a great day, till next time....


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